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Logo Exclusive, keyboard CZ, multimedia, intelligent touchpad type 2.4 [Ghz], wireless, black

Ord. No.: YCLLUQ01BC

This ultra-thin keyboard has a modern wireless technology up to 10 meters. Control all your media through the hot keys functions on this special keyboard. There are 16 multimedia keys for multimedia and access to applications and 12 embedded function keys for Vista via a /"Fn Lock/", including the battery status indicator. Intelligent touchpad is not only a numeric keyboard or mouse, but you can also control some applications by moving one, two or three fingers.

♦ 87 keys in style slim office keyboard
♦ 18 hot key buttons for special function keys
♦ suitably located touchpad with intelligent functions
♦ left and right mouse button
♦ battery indicator before discharge
♦ On / Off button to turn off the keyboard
♦ wireless connection up to 10m distance
♦ Operating Frequency: 2.4 GHz ISM band
♦ switching the Num Lock key
♦ Dimensions: 42.5 x 15.5 x 2 cm
♦ Weight: approx. 462 g

HOME ADVANTAGE - Intelligent touchpad!
- You can use the features with one, two or three fingers
- enlarge the pictures and text in the browser (by pulling two fingers on the touchpad)
- scroll button (scroll with two fingers up or down)
- scroll across the page (sliding three fingers left or right)
- selection of applications (three-fingered scroll down)
- Features> Computer <(slide three fingers up)
- rotate photos (pushing one finger and swirl the second finger on the touchpad)

Control Audio and Video directly from the comfort of your keyboard
- 8 multimedia keys (amplification, attenuation, sound off, previous track, next track, play / pause, stop recording)
- Control your DVD / VCD / MP3 / Audio
- 6 MCE (Media Center) function keys: Music, Movies, Pictures, Radio, TV, DVD (Media Center, Microsoft is specially designed for the functions of the keyboard)
- 11 function keys for Vista OS: close the selection of running applications, Zoom + / -, facilities, 3D rotation, Fn lock, start the computer, calculator, TP / Num (touch pad / numeric keypad)
- 4 function keys website: www, email, back, forward

System requirements:
♦ Windows XP with MCE / Vista Premium or Ultimate
♦ Free USB port