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Logo Solar, keyboard US, numeric, wire (USB), black

Ord. No.: YCLLUN36BU

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LOGO keypad - solar numeric
Buy 3 devices for price of 1 device!

You can use it as a solar calculator or as an external numeric keypad and as a calculator with a possibility to send a result from the calculator into your PC).

Multifunctional numeric keypad
Ideal for financial applications, home use, in an office, during travelling

Dual functions:
* Solar powered Calculator & Keypad
* Makes Data Entry Faster & Easier

Calculation Features:
* 12-digit Large LCD display
* 8 Calculator Hot Keys: MRC, TAB, %, MODE, M-, M+, +/-, SEND

Faster Data Input:
* Full 19 Numeric Feature keys make financial applicatios easy
* Non-syncing ////"Num Lock////" Function

Power Saving Managment:
* Auto power off function
* 3-way Power System: PC Power, Battery, Solar Energy

Plug&Play Connectivity:
* Easy to instal, no drivers required
* USB v. 1.1 compliant

Win 98SE/Me/2000/XP/Vista compatible.

Package includes:
Calculator Keypad, Manual, USB Cable

Dimensions: 15x8x2cm

Note: if you often change connection (battery, solar or power supply with the cable from PC), the calculator can be //"frozen//". You simply solve it when you push //"RESET//" on the product back side.