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USB cable (2.0), USB A M- USB mini M (5 pin), 0.3m, black, Logo, loop for cam

Ord. No.: KVUF005W0L

USB Tie 2in1
Comfortable tie for travelling for a digital camera, a camera, MP3-players or a mobile phone.
The tie serves not only for gripping of a camera, but you can connect your device with PC thanks to it and you can see and save the photos or video ;). Charge, connect and download data from your transmission equipment. There is hidden manageable Mini USB cablet inside. Pull off protective cover and USB and USB Mini ends are available. Download the photos or video to your PC, when you need.

Why would you uselessly carry usual tie and a cable, when you can kill two birds with one stone thanks to the tie!

Length: 28 cm, weight: 9 g, colour: black.